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Benefits Of Using Social Media In Your Business

Brand Awareness

Without social media, your business is only known by previous customers, word of mouth and traditional advertising methods. But what if I told you, you could increase your awareness worldwide. Social media gives you the opportunity to become visible as a brand online, letting you reach a larger audience with little effort in an effective and efficient way. The best part is it’s free to create and use a business profile on most social platforms, so it really is a win-win! The only thing you need to do is define your market, your customers and objective, to best chose and align which types of social media best suit your brand. Here at Oxygen, we have lots of experience with creating strategies and understanding online platforms, helping you in the right direction.

Manage Your Brand

Word travels fast online and unless you are online you won’t know what and who is talking about your brand. Whether it’s good or bad, a benefit about social media is the ability to manage what is online. You can keep up to date with information been shared by other, reposting positive content and removing content that may be damaging your brand’s reputation. This is critical as thousands of people around the world are actively using social media every day. At Oxygen, we believe that showing you’re active improves your reputation and brand perception especially when it comes to customer support. Having an online platform means you can interact with customers who need your immediate response, to tidy up any uncomfortable comments or questions.

Customers Search

One thing customers love to do is research and compare brands and services, this will be done in-store or online. This is one of the customer journey processes which helps then determine their purchase buying decision, did you know you can provide information and assistance in persuading her choice. When a customer searches your brand, product or service what will they find? An address, a few pictures, a link to a dated Facebook page. Setting up profiles and platforms that have up to date information, links and support will lead your customer to find out what they need to know immediately. Our main goal at Oxygen media is to provide a solution to your customers wants and needs in the most seamless way possible. It is essential to have a good first impression that shows the customer that your business is trustworthy, knowledgable and approachable. It can be beneficial to incorporate the brand’s mission through values that will align with your target markets emotional for a deeper customer relationship.


How would you feel if you enquired about something you’re interested in and immediately got the response you were asking for? Impressed? That’s right social media has broken down the complication barriers between customers and businesses. Customers can now skip waiting for a real person on the phone and use online platforms to solve problems and find solutions. This strengthens brand equity as it shows customers that you care, you are responsive and have strong communication through easy to use online channels. This providing support not only strengths the bond you have with customers, but Oxygen media can help you gather and record the usual data to improve and automate your communication improving efficiency.

Encourage Engagement

With the large variety of up and evolving social channels available the opportunities are becoming endless. Though it is exciting, this changing environment my be intimidating and overwhelming for some business owners. Oxygen can help you identify which of these features can best maximise your customers experience while using your online platforms. For example, you can use Instagram to post about a new and upcoming product, this image can link the customer straight to the pre-order, more information, a sign -up or event seamlessly complete a sale, just within a few clicks. Having social media platforms can increase traffic to your website, the data collected from customer interactions generate leads, current and new customer information as well as identifying opportunities and weakness within your marketing plan.


Social media give you the chance to show the world your brand personality. Humanising your brand helps customers to relate and understand who you are as a brand, what your values and beliefs are and what you stand for. Social media platforms give you the opportunity to show your customers the real side to your brand, who is behind all the hard, what sustainability concepts you use, involving the customer in your reality make them feel part of it and strengths the bond you have with your customers. The online content you can create is endless, with pictures, videos, live chats and calls, streaming, instant messaging, interactive comments and responses. Oxygen can help you personalise your business to truly emphasise who you are to stand out from your competitors.

To conclude, All these benefits of using social media in your business can grow and improve the brand equity and perspective that customers have of your brand. It is important to be diverse in today’s fast-paced environment. Keeping up with new trends and adapting to maximise your communication and touchpoint opportunities with your customers. Oxygen has the experience and knowledge to guide and strategise your brand’s online presence, check out our website to see how we can help you.


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