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Creating Winning Social Media Strategies

The social media world is a fast-passed and ever-changing environment that continuously evolves around the wants and needs of customers in efforts to create a seamless and effortless experience. Due to the large variety of brand s and business that offer products and services worldwide online, it is essential to plan and create a competitive strategy that is going to help you stand out among you competitors and appeal to the customer. A social media strategy puts into consideration many factors that may and will impact the brand in positive and negative ways. Oxygen media understand Social Media platforms and have the experience and knowledge to prepare your brand to maximise its online presence.

Let’s start at the very beginning, the number one key to social media marketing is having a strategy. Simply this is because without a strategy you are basically just creating and posting content for the sake of it. Unfortunately, customers are looking for more than just cool looking images and videos they want something they can relate to and trust. So here at Oxygen media, we look at what can make a difference and lead you in the right direction.

To help you in creating an effective social media strategy we have prepared a few things you need to consider:


With any form of marketing, it can be dangerous and damaging to your brand if you don’t have an understanding of who you are as a brand and what your objectives are. This can all begins in your story, where you have come from and what your values and beliefs are. As a brand, you will have a mission statement which outlines what your main goal is. By understanding your brand, it creates a clear and distinct path to who your customers are, how to target them and how to market your product or search.

Target Market

Identifying your target market and their wants and needs is very important, you can do more than just demographics, learn who your customers are, what they do, their hobbies and values. This allows you to connect with people that truly align with your brand, to create and build loyal trusting relationships. Customers are becoming more particular on the products and brands they associate with, that is why it is advantageous to promote why your brand is worth their time.

Social Platforms

There are many social media platforms available for customers and business to connect on. These platforms all hold a variety of opportunities and features that can help you discover new and effective ways to communicate who you are to the world. Something to consider is the placement of your brand’s online presence. Just because a network has millions of active users doesn’t mean it’s the right place for your brand. Oxygen can show you how and which online networks can best contribute to your brand’s goals and objectives, to maximise online performance, so you’re not wasting valuable time and money.


Unfortunately, just posting pictures for the sake of it doesn’t cut it anymore, what you post needs to have meaning and a goal. One key tip to consider is how can you show your audience aside to your brand that they can relate to? The real and raw content that customers can feel part of who you are as a brand? We at Oxygen media like to look at content from a strategic point of view, focusing on posting content that is consistent, reliable, valuable and relevant that appeals and retains the defined audience you are targeting. Check out our recent blog post on the importance of social media content.


Oxygen media not only helps to set up and improve your online presence but encourages continuous evaluation. This is because with marketing one strategy doesn’t tick the boxes for every situation, each is different, and this is the same for the transforming world our customers live and interact in. We take the data collected from your customer’s online activity and elegant to analyze its effectiveness and alignment with your goals and objectives. We stay on top of up and coming changes to make sure your brand is at the top of its game, maximizes your customer’s engagement and getting rid of the things that don’t work so your brand has what your customers need at the right place, at the right time.

To conclude, social media networks are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, growing larger and larger every year. There was never a more important time to be active in the online community. Social media is an opportunity to build brand awareness and show your customers a humanized side to your brand. To connect with your customer on a deeper and emotional connection.

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