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Keeping Your Website Well Maintained

Websites are one of the main ways we communicate to our consumers and clients. The face of your website can do many things including creating public interest. Your goal should be to bring in new consumers, create public interest and boost your public image. Whether you are creating or updating your website there are some things you should consider.  Here are 5 things to consider when creating or updating your website.


(1) Keep the website domain clean

One of the first things people will see is your website domain. Many people will see this before they enter the website itself. When comoposing your domain name keep it clean and catchy so people will remember it. The less clutter in the domain name the easier it is for consumers to remember. Numbers and special characters are hard to remember and often confuse consumers, making your website less appealing

(2) Ensure your images follow a theme. 

You should ensure that your images follow a theme. This does not have to be an actual motiff, but could be a colour scheme or follow a similar layout or patten. Images that clash or look clunky will draw the attention of the consumer but in the wrong way. They will distract from your message or product and can make your website look badly designed.

(3) Keep a clean colour scheme.

Colours are actually an important way of interacting with clients.  If you want to send a certian message, you should develop a colour scheme to match it. Purple sends a message of creativity, blue tells your consumers that you are trustworthy, yellow suggests optimism and grey suggests calm. Take care to stay away from clashing colours such as green and pink. You should also avoid bright shades that can hurt the eyes when looked at digitally such as fushia. We suggest creating a pallet that matches your logo (if appropriate).

colour website design image layout
Clean layouts and smooth colours are best.


(4)  Regularly update your website.

You should update your website regularly. If you host events or conferences you should ensure that these are kept up to date. If a client accesses your website and sees that your events are several years old it is off-putting and shows a lack of care on your behalf. It can also make people wonder if your business is still running, or if the wesbite is an older version that has not been deleted. This is why it is so important to update it often. You should evalute your websites architechure at least every year. This ensures you remain relevant and acknowldge any new trends in the digital world.

(5) Find a professional to do it for you.

If this all seems like too much you can find guides with tips on what to remember when updating your website, or creating a new one. You can also find a professional digital marketer or graphic designer to help you create a website that is welcoming and achives your goals. Remember that your website is your public image, your first PR professional and represents your entire business. Just as you would keep the company car clean it’s important to keep your website looking clean as well.

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