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Managing Increased Social Media Usage And Connecting With Clients

One of the newest challenges in digital marketing is managing the increased social media usage and connecting with clients during these changing times. As people are being made to stay home, there is a clear and steady increase in the amount of hours our consumers are spending on social media. This can make things trickier than before. Trusted social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are all making changes that could affect you!



Facebook has been one of the most impacted social media platforms. It was a vessel of misinformation but Facebook quickly stepped in to try and manage and control the information flow regarding Covid 19. Now that the company has mostly regained control of information flow, they are creating new features for users. The Facebook Live format has seen a 50% usage increase in the last 2 weeks which is leading to the development of new features for it.
Interestingly Facebook has also reported that advertisement revenue is decreasing. It is not certain if the company will make adjustments to this yet. It has been challenging at times to just keep the platform up and running.



YouTube has also had to make some changes in order to manage the surge of social media use. Many social media marketers use YouTube as a platform to share stories, advertisements and ideas with clients. Videos can be a more engaging format for many target audience groups and this is why YouTube is so popular. YouTube is managing increased social media flow by limiting the quality of their videos. Videos have defaulted to standard definition in Europe and it is only a matter of time before this occurs here. This is important to consider for those who rely on high definition when trying to connect with clients. You need to ensure that your organisations videos still look good in standard definition if you want to continue to engage clients.



The changes that LinkedIn have made can be utilised by most organisations. They are making it much easier to connect with clients. Social media managers or advertising staff can now communicate with consumers through conversation led advertising. Imagine the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books of the 90’s. Now imagine them in an advertisement format where your clients choose what they are and are not interested in, in order to help target advertising to their needs. This has made managing the increased social media usage and connecting with clients a lot easier.


Where to now?

We know that this is a scary time for many people. Ollie and the team are able to help you manage your organisation’s social media accounts over this time. If you are just wanting advice or encouragement then this is what we suggest:

  • Try and keep on top of any changes your chosen social media channels are making.
  • Be aware that your usual high traffic or peak times may have changed. This may make uploading at certain times for higher engagement more difficult.
  • Take care of yourself. You may not be able to post as often as usual and your clients will be understanding of this.
  • Take notes on any changes you make to your advertising strategy during this time. You should also note down any noticeable changes in client behaviour. While some changes will revert as normal life does, some changes will remain.
  • Keep connecting with clients. Many people feel isolated right now and connection is something the populous is craving!

From the Oxygen Media team: Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui Aotearoa!

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