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New Zealander’s Are Leading the Way in Social Media Marketing

As the world modernizes and the digital world becomes as vast as the physical one, new needs are created. In order for businesses to keep up in this new environment they must adapt or they will fail. Creative minds are needed more than ever before. Phil McKinney tells us “..when it comes to innovation, an ounce of execution is worth more than a ton of theory.” This is where New Zealand comes into the picture.

Social media has quickly overtaken the world and with an estimated 71% of the world’s population using some form of social media it is easy to see the appeal for marketing strategists. Social media gives us the opportunity to move beyond traditional advertising and marketing strategies and examine something new and unique.

Social media marketing is taking those opportunities and coming up with strategies and new ways to market or advertise ourselves using the various social media platforms such as; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.


While many people may disregard the value of social media marketing it is hard to ignore the impact a well placed mention, or brightly coloured humorous advertisement has on a businesses sales and visibility.

Social media marketing is not just about advertising a product. The limitations of traditional advertising are gone now. As the digital world allows people to purchase any product or service from anywhere in the world, gaining exposure is now a key priority for anyone working in social media marketing. No longer are we marketing just a product. We are marketing stories, businesses, a theme and ourselves.

Kiwi ingenuity and risk taking has allowed even the smallest and most unknown entrepreneurs to grow thanks to their savvy and creating social media marketing tactics. In 2015 Iyia Liu paid Kylie Jenner $300,000 dollars to wear and promote her Waist Trainer on Instagram. Due to Jenners success as a social media influencer and reality TV star the exposure Liu received made her product not only well known but also highly sought after.

Large conglomerates within New Zealand can also use their ability to push the limits with innovative ideas and themes other cultures may find offensive, grants them a large following of interest. When marketing strategists at Air New Zealand decided they wanted an advert that was 95% just mocking the kiwi accent they had more freedom to do so knowing part of being a kiwi is having a good laugh at yourself. The advertisement went viral thanks to social media and was so popular that newspapers and blogs from Alberta to Zagreb were discussing it.

The world is looking for social media marketing strategists who can be innovative and creative. People who can push the limits to achieve results and aren’t afraid of taking risks. While your company may not want to pay Kylie Jenner $300,000 to talk about you, you most certainly want someone who would think of something like that; outrageous yet effective, creative and yet not overused.

Innovation is a key part of the New Zealander’s psyche. We built motorized couches, split the atom and creativity is drilled into us from a young age. This is why we are great strategists and marketers, and why more and more marketing companies are choosing to set up shop in cities such as Auckland or Wellington.

So if you’re a kiwi looking for a career change why not look at entering social media marketing? And if you are a company looking to relocate to New Zealand, just do it, and while you’re at it – hire a kiwi.

Author: Naomi Wells

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