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The Importance of Social Content

Social networks are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, growing bigger and bigger every year. If your business is not utilising social media, now is the time to start. There are many social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, which all have unique purposes and characteristics that could offer opportunities for you to connect with your target market on a personal and emotional level. Social media marketing is a service that Oxygen Media offers to ensure your business maximises its performance, by personalising our strategies to best suit your brand’s identity.

Firstly, your business needs a social media presence, it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, social media is becoming an essential piece in business marketing strategies. So why Social Media? Social platforms allow you to create and build a brand online, this opens up the opportunity to connect with customers, increase brand awareness and test and create campaigns and Ads to learn more about your customers to generate leads and sales. With well over a billion people using social media monthly around the world it grows opportunity and possibilities to learn and connect.

Know you know why Social media is important for you and your business, know let’s look at why you need us. Posting for the sake of posting may have worked years ago but today social media is more than just a picture it tells a story, a story about who you are as a brand. Your story will be made up of many things all which need to be considered in every piece of content created.

Your story

Every brand has a story, where they came from, why they started, what they believe in and the values they have. Every piece of your story creates a link, a link with people and customers all around the world. By carefully creating content supporting your story here at Oxygen Media we can connect and align your brand and business with people all around the world. A connection like this is priceless as it creates strong brand equity through shared values and aligned paths that generate interest on a personal and emotions level.

The Post

It’s not about what you post it’s about what it means. A picture of your best selling product doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Content needs to create conversations, a reason, a voice. Your social media content is the face of how customer relationships are created. One of the best ways to create loyal and trusting relationships with customers through social media is to show your customers proof that you are keeping your promises and upholding your brand values. To do this Oxygen media likes to humanise ur clients brands, by doing this we show the human side of the brand, the side that customers can connect with and relate to. For example showing your online following who make up your company or brand, how current customer is using and benefiting from the products and services. What suitability concepts and values you use to make a difference in the community. We look for a deeper way to connect you to your customers.

The data

When creating content it is advantageous to go beyond branding, listen to your customers and their engagement. Social media allows you to gather data about who, what, when and where your customers interact with your brand and how best to target and appeal to them.  With knowing what works and what doesn’t Oxygen creates content that speaks directly to your target market without the noise of posts that aren’t relevant, that could deter potential customers.


There is an art to Social Media Marketing, we take time in learning your brand, your customers and what makes everything tick. Here at Oxygen we don’t believe just making a post, we aim to be social, we aim to be live, with continuous activity in reading comments, evaluating actively and always improving as we learn more.  We are in the now, and on social media, you never want to miss out on the next big thing.

In conclusion, Social media is an ever-changing a diverse tool that every business and person can use to grow brand awareness and create leads and customer relationships. We can work with you to create an online presence or update/ improve your current online brand, chat with us Oxygen Media.

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