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Reach your customers first with intent driven Google Ads marketing.

Oxygen has grown a strong reputation in Taupo, Auckland and throughout New Zealand for our search engine marketing, pay per click strategies and Google Ads management. Not only do our expert SEO technicians build the best positions possible for your business in search ranking results, we also make sure your Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) campaigns are built to display ads that are being seen by your exact target audience and actually generate traffic from consumers who are most likely to make actionable choices on your website. 

Google Ads Case Study

Performance Based Management
Driving Conversions

Perceptive are Australasia’s leading customer insights agency. Using data, research and technology, Perceptive provide businesses a deeper insight into who their customers are and the buying journeys they have taken. Perceptive approached Oxygen to level up their PPC advertising, providing full clarity and analysis to current campaigns and suggestions to improve on current results. Our in-house Google Ads specialist has rolled out a complete overhaul on all active campaigns, optimising and refining on a regular basis.

Increase in goals completed
decrease in overall campaign cpc
Increase in overall campaign ctr
Increase in ppc attributed web traffic

Machine Learning PPC Marketing Strategy

Technology Assisted Marketing

Number One

Unique and compelling Google Ads can literally have your business take the coveted number one position on Google. Work with an SEM agency that can achieve this.

Account Structure

An Oxygen Google Ads agency can deliver compelling campaigns backed by a carefully formulated strategy designed to convert clicks into conversions.

Built From Scratch

No out of the box solutions, at Oxygen we deliver completely unique and tailored campaigns backed by thorough keyword research, competitor analysis and industry data.

Transparency & Tracking

A key component of the Oxygen Google Adwords ecosystem is analysing every fine detail of your campaign and leaving no stone left unturned.

The Oxygen Approach To PPC Marketing

measurable, effective, and scalable.

Audit &
Industry Research

Sophisticated Framework & Architecture

Our unique approach to paid media campaigns sets us apart from the crowd. Laying the framework for your campaign sets you up for success which is why we spend the time to research the competitiveness of keywords, plan budgets, identify key target segments and audit your website to make sure we have the best chance of generating conversions. At Oxygen we service clients across Taupo, Rotorua, Auckland and wider New Zealand which is why we are widely regarded as the leading Google Paid Ads Specialist Agency.

Dedicated PPC
Account Manager

Revenue Focussed Ad Campaigns

We team you up with a Google Ads expert so you have a direct point of contact to someone within Oxygen who works closely with you on building and delivering your campaign. We’ve found this yields the best results when you have a hands on contact available to provide you regular updates and keep you informed on the progress of your campaigns as well as the refinements and changes that are being made. This method creates full transparency between your account manager and your business which allows for optimal performance.

Reporting & Technology

A Completely Fluid Partnership

The best thing about digital marketing is we can track 100% of the conversions and actions that take place on your website and attribute them directly to a marketing source. Data is absolutely essential to improve your campaigns which is why we aim to constantly shift the boundaries to achieve excellent results. We setup all the tracking for you so we can monitor your campaigns closely and give you full 24/7 access to your account so you can monitor the progress and results as well for the duration of your campaign. 

Our Google Ads Capabilities

Get Found Online First


Take advantage of Google’s online shopping platform, Google Shopping. Let us display your products and reach targeted customers.


We help you reach customers that have already shown various levels of intent on your website from adding to carts or bouncing from the home page.


We display ads targeting specific keywords that consider various factors including, cost, level of competition, volume and intent.


Google has a a number of advertising partners and placements to better target your audience, we utilise these to advertise your business.


In stream videos are an incredibly effective way to reach potential customers during times where they are already most engaged, this can be achieved with YouTube Ads.


We build ads that perfectly reflect across all devices and placements to provide your audience a compelling first glance at your business.


It’s hard to know what will resonate best with your audience and so we test several variations of multiple ads by tweaking aspects of the core design.


We generate reports so we can analyse results and see what worked and what can be improved to build the best campaign possible for your business.

Chat To A Google
Adwords Premier Specialist

PPC Marketing To Help Your Business Grow

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Google Ads & Google Adwords

    When it comes to advertising on Google through Oxygen Media, we often set a daily budget and can either set bid caps so that we don’t pay more than a certain amount or we can turn on automatic bidding, so we let Google get us the best results for the budget we give them. Depending on the budget and goals for your business we can put together a high converting campaign that generates a positive ROI.  

    We setup all the tracking for you! We run a few lines of script through your website that links to your Google Ads account allowing us to track purchases and visitors that can directly attributed to your paid media campaigns. We put filters and restrictions in place to make sure your tracking is completely accurate and take measures such as not duplicating visitors who revisit your site from a certain order number if they are simply checking their order status. Complete transparency from Auckland’s best Google Adwords Marketing Agency. 

    How long is a piece of string? One of the best things about advertising on Google is we never spend more than what your budget allows. For example if we have $300 a month to spend, then we stick to that budget and essentially achieve results for that $300. If we spend $600, we can usually expect to double those results. 

    One of, if not the best thing about Google Ads is the high level of intent that correlates to Google Ads marketing. We are putting ads in front of your customers who are most likely to purchase from you. With text only ads we have an ad high up in Google search results being shown to potential customers who are actively looking for what you’re selling!

    Without even realising, you’ve probably experienced some sort of remarketing yourself before. When you visit a website and then visit different websites, or social media, you may see ads from that original website you visited, well that’s exactly what remarketing is! Essentially following you around the internet encouraging you to take a second bite at the cherry and complete a purchase on your website.