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We Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine


Lead Generation

Lead gen is our speciality, having generated over 1.3M leads for our clients.

One of the biggest problems New Zealand business owners face is the lack of high quality, inbound leads their business generates. Trust Oxygen as your lead generation agency partner to help accelerate your position in the market. We feed leads to your sales team through a number of winning digital strategies designed to reach your exact audience focussing on a segment that offers the greatest potential to convert. We do the hard work for you by nurturing leads to the point they are read to be sold to by working them through your sales funnel via a multi channel strategy. 

End-To-End, Innovative
Lead Generation Strategies

Inbound Marketing For SAAS Businesses

Buildxact is an all in one construction and project management software designed to save builders time, money and better manage their construction business. Oxygen were approached by Buildxact to help take their social media marketing to the next level and assist with the overall strategy for the pending launch into overseas markets. We devised a cutting edge marketing plan and completely overhauled all social media campaigns across New Zealand and Australia for Buildxact then propelled them into North America achieving incredible results and record numbers of conversions month-on-month. 

Lead Generation Agency

Goals Completed for USA in 90 days
Impressions on ads in 90 days
ROI on social media advertising spend
clicks to website from social media in 90 days

Lead Generation For New Zealand Businesses

The Oxygen Lead Generation Process

Unique Outbound Strategies

No cookie cutter, one fix all approach here. We engage with your audience through authentic, intent driven marketing and speak to them like a real business should.

Lead Automation & Innovation

Wouldn’t it be great if high quality leads flooded your inbox while you sleep? At Oxygen, we make this a reality through data driven automation and optimisation.

Multi Channel Solution Marketing

Why focus on just one channel when there’s an entire ecosystem of untapped, quality channels that your competitors overlook? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Lead Funnel & Data Cleaning

We clean your leads through an in-depth, digital sales funnel that nurtures your leads and discards a lot of the fluff that can be picked up at the top of the funnel.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Lead Generation Agency

    Lead generation is the process of tapping into marketing channels to acquire new leads from previously cold or untapped audiences. A number of strategies can be used to acquire leads such as SEO, social media marketing and Google Advertising. It’s important to understand your customers buying persona and the channels they are using to find your business for successful leads to be generated. 

    Having run thousands of Facebook campaigns for our clients, we’ve seen the results that a successful campaign can achieve. As New Zealand’s top performing lead generation agency, we’ve perfected a winning formula that can be tailored to specific businesses across a range of industries to acquire high converting leads. 

    A lead generation company like Oxygen can not only dramatically increase the number of leads generated for your business but also help nurture them into hot, ready to convert leads. With the expertise with have in multi channel marketing, it’s a no brainer to trust a winning digital marketing agency to help drive leads for your business.