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Outrank Your Competitors With A Revenue Focussed SEO Campaign



Leverage your website and reach potential customers first with a tailored SEO strategy built to drive revenue.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of implementing a number of strategies to rank your website as high up in search results as possible. At Oxygen we follow Google’s guidelines of ethical practices and implement these along with our unique SEO techniques throughout your website so you can outrank competitors for keywords that your exact target audience is searching for. Oxygen ranks #1 for a number of keywords that we outlined would give us the best chance of attracting the best traffic for our business. Let us do the same for yours. 

Suncourt Hotel & Conference Center

Explode Your Organic Traffic

SEO For New Zealand Businesses

Suncourt Hotel is a conference, wedding and lake front accommodation venue in Taupo with nearly 50 hotel rooms, 5 conference/function rooms and an on site restaurant and bar. Oxygen were approached to take over the digital marketing for Suncourt with a particular focus on growing their social media presence, lead generation and SEO. After a new, high converting website was launched we worked closely alongside the marketing team and other heads of department to launch a full scale digital marketing strategy to help take Suncourt to new heights and grow their market share throughout the region. 

Increase in Organic Search Traffic
Decrease in Bounce Rate from Organic Traffic
Positive Keyword Ranking Position Movements

The Oxygen SEO Approach

Organic Search Strategy


Audit & Discovery

Organic traffic is king

Our first step for any SEO campaign is to understand your business objectives and why you want to run an SEO campaign for your business. Our in-depth SEO discovery phase allows us to identify target segments, define the direction, strategise content ideas and build a solid foundation. We deliver a detailed technical analysis alongside a 6 month plan providing complete transparency of what strategy we intend to take whilst keeping you completely in the loop with how we plan to best optimise your website. 


A vital first step is understanding your business objectives so we can align these to your SEO campaign. 


We then need to figure out what it is you want to achieve from your campaign so we can work towards that.


We analyse your site and determine where the greatest opportunity lies so we can have the biggest impact. 


Our in-depth keyword research helps us identify the greatest opportunities to best optimise your website. 


We make a number of technical changes, optimising the content, structure, speed and many other key factors.


Our unique SEO program helps elevate you above your competition and gain a strong competitive advantage. 


Technical Onsite Optimisation

Full Transparency Is key

Our expert, in-house SEO manager has both the experience and technical knowledge to optimise any website and help take your website and conversion rate to the next level. We build your infrastructure from the ground up and make every fine detail is check to ensure we leverage and provide Google with the best opportunity for your website to outrank competitors and that search engine face no barriers when crawling your site and ranking you. Our technical onsite optimisation strategies follow Google’s white hat guidelines and keep within the boundaries of modern SEO tactics. 


Content Marketing

Get found online

Strategically written content is now one of the most vital pieces to any successful SEO campaign which is why our methodology encompasses expert content copywriters. Unique, insightful and engaging content starts with in-depth research before producing original content that not only servers a purpose to the end consumer but also provides search engines with a reason to recognise your website on a consistent basis. 


We write relevant content topics for your business and make this foundation for your SEO strategy.


Our in-house content writers deliver highly relevant content that speaks directly to your target audience. 


Our content marketing and SEO teams align perfectly to propel your strategy forward for the best results. 


We give you the power to maximise your reach far and wide across many of our partner networks. 


Our unrivalled link building strategies utilise trustworthy and respected sources for sustainable growth.  


We leverage your current partnerships and build new ones in order to maximise the growth of your website.


Authority Link Building

Trusted and respected sources

Gaining reputable backlinks to your website from respectful sources is a huge indicator to search engines that your website is of relevance and provides value to consumers. It is critical for a winning SEO strategy to acquire links to your site with original content from major publications. The complex process for link acquisition is unique to every business and the team at Oxygen have extensive knowledge and partnerships in place to acquire high authority links throughout New Zealand. 

Oxygen’s Key SEO Components

Objective Focussed Campaigns

Keyword Rankings

Keywords are a group of words or phrases that your audience searches for, it’s important to consider two key factors when choosing keywords, search volume and competition.

SEO Copywriting

High-quality and high-volume text on your website is vital for search engines to crawl your site and locate words that users are searching for. This needs to be carefully planned and researched.

Website Optimisation

Google considers a number of factors when ranking sites so optimisation is key to showcase your website in the best possible light. We implement a number of on-site changes to your site.

Competitive Analysis

Seeing what the competition is doing can have a huge impact on the decisions we make for your business, we look for areas of opportunity to help leverage your website.


This involves creating backlinks to your website which helps to increase your organic visibility to Google. This is an ongoing process which gets stronger overtime.

Link Cleansing

Your website could have a number of negative backlinks. This process attempts to remove these backlinks so Google doesn’t penalise you for unreliable ties with your site.

Expert SEO Services In New Zealand

Hyper Targeted Traffic

Why do you need Search Engine Optimisation?
Organic traffic is one of the number one best sources of customer acquisition and revenue for any business and with 3.5 billion Google searches daily, it’s easy to see why businesses are investing a huge chunk of their marketing budget into SEO. As Auckland’s best SEO agency, we’ve perfected our search engine optimisation processes to give businesses the fuel they need to compete for traffic in the key positions of Goggle search results. 

Why choose Oxygen for your SEO management?
Google are constantly changing their algorithms and are always looking at new ways and new factors to introduce into the SEO mix which is why it’s vital that businesses stay on top of these changes to continuously maximise their performance. Luckily, at Oxygen we take the stress out of you doing this with our done for you SEO strategies so you can focus on running your business. Our unique SEO service is driving businesses across New Zealand and making a huge positive impact to their bottom line. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Our in-house SEO team of specialists have a wealth of experience between them and over the years have learned the in’s and out’s of Google’s constantly changing algorithm. Unlike many agencies, at Oxygen we focus on revenue instead of rankings. Our main goal for your business it get the right kind of traffic visiting your website optimising it for your key target segments that will generate the greatest return. 


    At Oxygen, we do things a little differently to many other agencies in New Zealand. We focus on target segments instead of keywords. When assigning a certain number of keywords to an SEO campaign, you could be missing out on a number of opportunities that would be left unattended to. Our 6 -12 month long term campaign strategy allows us to plan out everything with a clear vision in mind of where we need to get to in order to achieve the best results for your business. 

    We certainly do! Our Oxygen SEO specialists have worked with a number of ecommerce sites across New Zealand and even run our very own ecommerce business called Oxyfit. Our team have leading experience working with the likes of Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and Bigcommerce. 

    Thankfully, we work to your budget. We build our SEO campaigns to accommodate your monthly marketing budget and strategise to give you the best results for the lowest dollar amount. Once we’ve understood your ambitions and identified your objectives we can provide a completely custom SEO strategy. Our pricing depends on the size of the site and also how competitive the industry is that your business is in. We factor in all these variables and provide you with an easy to read, tailored proposal. 

    Being the best local SEO company in Auckland comes with a world of experience in helping your website succeed and stand out from the competition.

    We don’t guarantee any ranking results. Google’s ranking positions aren’t something that can be predicted and any agency that offers otherwise is likely using a number of black hat practices that will not only harm your site, it could make it hard to bounce back from. Instead we provide a completely transparent level of service so you can see exactly what our thought process is and exactly what actions and changes we have made for your website every step of the way.   

    Nearly every business regardless of size or industry should have some form of an SEO strategy implemented for their business. There may come a point at some time in the future where you need to leverage your online position and the prior time spent on optimising your site earlier could prove vital. Organic search still proves to be one of the best traffic sources for any business due to the high level of intent. Oxygen are an SEO agency in Auckland that stays on track with meeting your goals and provides a superior level of service for our clients.