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Video Production

Professional Video Marketing & Video Production Services in Waikato & Bay of Plenty.


Experienced, Unique
Modern, Video Marketing

Looking for new promotional material to showcase your business? Video is king in the world of online content right now. Maximise your chance of conversion with a cutting edge promotional video.

Pre & Post Production

We take care of everything, from start to finish. Ideas, creativity and flawless execution.

Visual Storytellers

Capture your audience instantly through a cutting edge medium of communication.

What Makes Oxygen The Best Video Production Company?

A professional team of experts who love what they do.

Centrally based in Taupo & Rotorua.

Save on expensive hire costs. We have all the gear we'll need for your video.

Commercial experience for NZ's leading corporate businesses.

Post marketing experience to help accelerate your video's reach.

Our Video Production & Marketing Capabilities

All in One Solution

Aerial Videography

We have some pretty cool drones that add a whole new flare to your video. Aerial videography allows us to go that extra step to create something truly unique. 

Pre & Post Production

We plan, we shoot and we edit. A one stop shop for all things videography. From idea to final product, we take care of it all with an end result you will be proud of. 

Diverse Skills

Our experienced team specialise in video production that spans across a wide range of industries from food and accommodation to fitness and real estate. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cost vary depending on the type of video you want produced. The more detail that needs adding can understandably make the costs add up. We aim to deliver a high quality video that showcases your business in a great light. Contact our team to discuss costs and options for your video. 

    We want to deliver an end product that you’re proud of so it’s important we hear your thoughts and ideas so that we can plan and execute to meet your expectations. Your ideas blended with our creativity and expertise is a perfect recipe for a stunning end result. 

    While it’s not necessary for every video, both voiceovers and music can add to the whole end video. We have options at our disposal to source a range of accents from both males and females voice actors. Typically we will discuss with you during the planning stage whether or not a voiceover would be essential to your video. We’re also able to purchase royalty free music for your video. Royalty free music means you won’t be copyrighted by using this music in your video. There are a number of free background music options we can also take advantage off to keep the cost of your video production down. 

    Yes of course. We can propose a number of digital marketing options to best suit the future marketing for your video. One of the best options for this is social media marketing. Having a quality video has a much higher chance of engaging with your audience and sparking them into taking action with the hope of them becoming a customer. 

    Firstly we sit down with you to work out the desired outcome for your video. We discuss, audio, different types of shots, the storyline and what the objective is. After working out these elements, we’re able to work out the list of shots we need to film for your video. Filming then commences before passing through to the editing room. Our video editors will then construct an incredible video for your business.